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Welcome note

Having stayed in the North Western parts of Namibia during training, I found the Mopane tree fascinating.  A branch could splinter or crack, but it would continue to grow as long as it was still attached.  If a tree fell over with some roots still in the soil, the branches acted as the trunks, with new branches forming and growing. 


To me, the Mopane tree symbolizes resilience and toughness.  It represents our ability to grow, develop and heal. The butterfly-like wings remind me of change and the cycles of life we all encounter.

The main vision of Mopane Psychological Services is to assist individuals to function optimally. This is achieved by an empathic understanding of the client's needs. 

Psychotherapy, psychometric assessments, training, and research are used to assist clients in the process of development and growth to live fulfilled, actualized lives.


These services are offered in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay within the scope of practice of Clinical Psychologist as set out by the HPCNA.

Grow, develop, thrive, and actualize.  It is a privilege to assist and facilitate these process in your life journey.

Altus van der Merwe

Clinical Psychologist (HPCNA: CPS00123)

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